Our Ethos, Vision and Values



Children within our Trust will always be our main priority, with personalised learning as our starting point, making the challenges of 'Helping Children Achieve More' a reality.

Every child will have the opportunities to expand their horizons, and build the confidence, talents, interests, skills and qualifications to succeed as they make their way towards a fulfilling and prosperous adulthood.

The amount of time children spend in education is finite. We have a responsibility to ensure every moment a child is in an Exceed Learning Partnership School, must be spent productively.

Once wasted, it is gone forever and cannot be given back.


Together, through a cutting edge, creative and inclusive curriculum, we will inspire ambitious, inquisitive and resilient leaders of tomorrow.

No limits. No barriers. No Excuses.

Ethos and Values:


  • Every child will value themselves as a unique individual with distinctive qualities and strengths and will have a strong social, moral and cultural grounding on which to base relationships and decisions.
  • Every child will promote equality, respect for others and ensure the safety of the community.
  • Every child will flourish through developing their skills, knowledge and understanding across a creative and inspiring curriculum and become a life-long learner.
  • Every child will be a highly motivated, skilled and resilient learner, be able to demonstrate independence and be reflective in their learning in order to continually strive to improve.
  • Every child will welcome new experiences, be courageous in their learning, have the confidence to tackle challenges, solve problems and make and learn from mistakes, in a safe and secure environment.
  • Every employee will engage in high-quality, research-based professional learning that will enable us to achieve the best possible outcomes for our pupils.
  • Every stakeholder will develop positive and secure ‘Learning partnerships’ between Academy, home and the community.


Every child will be given the same opportunity to succeed, whatever his or her prior attainment. A key feature of the Exceed Learning Partnership will be a learning curriculum which builds the characteristics of Learning across all schools within the trust. This will focus on our learning philosophy skills:

Resilience, Motivation, Collaboration, Creativity, Investigation, Teamwork and Evaluation.