A Local Governing Body are actively involved in supporting and challenging  the staff at Carr Lodge Academy School to be the best we can. 

The Local Governing Body’s overall purpose is to:

ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school;

hold the Principal and senior leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and its children and the performance management of staff;

oversee the financial performance of the school, making sure delegated money is well spent against the identified priorities and within the agreed budget;

actively embrace community, parental and staff engagement to raise the profile of the school within the locality and beyond; encourage growth of the pupil population and support in staff recruitment and retention.

Governors operate within the remit of a Scheme of Delegation which can be downloaded from the Trust website at

Please find a link for Key information and Finances including Articles and Memorandum of Association.


Chair of local governing body

Name                                 Shared with                   Appointed by                                                                                           From                                              To

Chris Lambert               Not recorded                Appointed by foundation/Trust                                                     1 January 2018                      30 December 2025 

Local governors

Name                                  Shared with                   Appointed by                                                                                            From                                             To                              

Abisola Ajayl                   Not recorded                Appointed by foundation/Trust                                                    17 April 2023                          16 April 2027

Amy Stewart                   Not recorded                Elected by school staff                                                                        9 November 2021                8 November 2024

Angela O'Connor         Not recorded                Appointed by foundation/Trust                                                     19 October 2022                  18 October 2026

Ben Haggerty                 Not recorded                Appointed by foundation/Trust                                                      1 March 2017                        27 February 2025

Katie Fisher                     Not recorded                Elected by parents                                                                                  2 March 2020                        1 March 2024

Richard Brown               Not recorded                Appointed by foundation/Trust                                                     1 May 2018                             22 March 2026

Sarah Crampton            Not recorded                Ex-officio by virtue of office as headteacher/principal    14 April 2021                         Not recorded

Sarah Wakefield            Not recorded                Elected by school staff                                                                          9 November 2021              8 November 2024

Selena Vickers                Not recorded                Appointed by foundation/Trust                                                      2 March 2020                       1 March 2024


Historic (left within last 12 months)

Historical governance

Name                                   Role                                      Appointed by                                                                                             From                                           To

Catherine Matthews   Local governor               Appointed by foundation/Trust                                                     16 April 2021                         6 December 2022

Kaaren Allen                    Local governor               Appointed by foundation/Trust                                                      8 December 2021              19 October 2022



Carr Lodge Academy Local Governing Body 2023/2024:

  • Mr Chris Lambert - Chair and Safeguarding Governor
  • Mr Ben Haggerty - Vice-Chair and Health and Safety Governor
  • Mrs Sarah Crampton - Principal
  • Miss Amy Stewart  - Governor (teaching staff)
  • Miss Sarah Wakefield - Governor (teaching staff)
  • Catherine Matthews - Governor (co-opted) resigned from LGB 6/12/22
  • Mrs Danielle Timms - Governor (co-opted) resigned from LGB 2/11/21
  • Mrs Joanne Appleton - Non-teaching staff resigned from LGB 17/8/21
  • Mrs Selena Vickers - Governor (co-opted)
  • Mrs Katie  Fisher - Governor (parent)
  • Mr Richard Brown  - Governor (linked)
  • Ms Angela O'Connor - Governor (co-opted)
  • Mrs Anne Jackson - Governor (co-opted) resigned from LGB 13/9/21
  • Mrs Kaaren Allen - Governor (co-opted) resigned from LGB 19/10/22

  • Abisola Ajayl  - Governor (co-opted) 


Governor responsibilities 2023/2024

Carr Lodge Governor Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests Sept 2023/2024


Register of Attendance for Local Governing Body members 2022 - 2023

Register of Attendance for Local Governing Body members 2021 - 2022

Register of Attendance for Local Governing Body members 2020 - 2021

Register of Attendance for Local Governing Body members 2019 - 2020 

Register of Attendance for Local Governing Body members 2018 - 2019 


Governance Handbook 2023/2024

Code of Conduct For all Members, Directors and Local Governing Bodies