Meet the Team

The Carr Lodge Team


Senior Leadership Team

  • Chief Executive Officer- Mrs B Nixon   
  • Principal- Mrs S Crampton- Deputy DSL, Curriculum, Data, Personal Development
  • Vice Principal- Mr A Denwood - Curriculum & KS2
  • Vice Principal- Mrs P Lownes- Teaching and Learning & KS1
  • Assistant Principal and Inclusion and SENDCo, Deputy DSL- Mrs J Watson
  • Early Years Foundation Stage Leader- Mrs S Scurfield
  • Business Manager- Mrs J Slee-Karim


Middle and Subject Leadership Team

  • English Leader- Miss A Stewart
  • Phonics Leader- Miss A Stewart
  • Spelling Leader-Miss S Maw
  • Mathematics Leader- Miss S Wakefield
  • Science, Computing and D.T Leader- Mr A Denwood
  • History Leader-Mrs A John-Baptiste
  • Geography Leader- Miss C Stancliffe
  • Art Leader- Miss M Hughes
  • R.E. Leaders- Miss S Beresford
  • P.E. Leader- Mr A Gill
  • MfL Leader- Miss V Hewitt
  • Music Leader- Mrs J Watson
  • PSHE, Pupil Parliament and British Values Leader- Mrs J Meads


Class Teachers

  • Nursery- Busy Bees- Mrs S Scurfield
  • Reception- Raindrops- Miss M Hughes
  • Reception- Woodland-Miss S Beresford and Miss C Corns
  • Year 1 -Stream- Miss S Severn
  • Year 1- Valley- Mrs V Lewis and Miss C Corns
  • Year 2- River- Mrs P Lownes and Mrs J Watson
  • Year 2- Meadow- Miss C Stancliffe
  • Year 3- Rapids- Miss A Stewart
  • Year 3- Forest- Mr A Gill
  • Year 4- Avalanche- Mrs A John-Baptise
  • Year 4- Ocean- Miss V Hewitt and Miss R Watts
  • Year 5- Mountain- Mrs J Meads and Miss S Maw
  • Year 5- Waterfall- Mr A Denwood
  • Year 6- Summit- Miss S Wakefield
  • Year 6- Lagoon- Miss K Rattigan and Miss S Maw


Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA) cover classes across the academy

  • Mrs K Hutchinson (and Year 6)
  • Mrs N Gill (and Year 6)
  • Mr R Mackintosh (and Year 5)
  • Miss C Corns


Teaching Assistants (TA)

  • Mrs J Greenwood- Nursery
  • Mrs R Buckley- Nursery
  • Mrs C Davies- Reception
  • Miss S Johnstone- Reception
  • Mrs K Tariq- Year 1
  • Mrs S Stewart- Year 2
  • Miss H Walker- Year 2
  • Miss C Corns- Year 3- 1st Class @ Writing
  • Miss S Fidler- Year 4- 1st Class @ Writing
  • Miss T O'Connor- Year 5- Thrive Mentor
  • Mrs H Pearce- Year 1
  • Mrs S Hall - Year 2
  • Mrs A Parker-Year 2


Pastoral and Inclusion

  • Mrs A Rankin- Designated Safeguarding Lead- Pastoral Family Support Worker


Special Needs Assistants (SNA)

  • Mrs J Plant
  • Mrs S Marley
  • Miss C Whitehead
  • Mrs L Burey-Wolfendale
  • Mrs C Wilkinson
  • Mrs P Kaur
  • Mrs A Humphries


Business and Administration Team

  • Business Manager- Mrs J Slee Karim
  • Office Manager- Mrs J Appleton
  • Finance and Admin Assistant- Mrs L Moffat
  • Admin Assistant- Mrs A Lloyd


Site Team

  • Site Manager- Mr J Grant
  • Cleaner-Miss T Harle
  • Cleaner- Miss M Williams
  • Cleaner- Mrs R Liversedge
  • Cleaner- Mrs A Humphries


Catering Team

  • Catering Manager- Ms A Driver
  • Catering Assistant-Mrs J Lockyear
  • Catering Assistant- Miss L Wong
  • Catering Assistant- Mrs K Minty


Midday Supervisors

  • Senior MDS- Mrs S Marley
  • MDS- Mrs M Pervez
  • MDS- Mrs A Humphries
  • MDS- Mrs L Lenton
  • MDS- Mrs S Hall
  • MDS- Mrs L Burey-Wolfendale
  • MDS- Mrs P Kaur
  • MDS- Miss C Whitehead
  • MDS- Mrs T O'Connor
  • MDS- Mrs R Liversedge
  • MDS-Mrs S Singh