Key Stage 1

Engaging and progressive programs of study have been designed to link areas of wider curriculum. All our topics have a strong link with our community and seek to develop pupils understanding of life skills needed to thrive in 21st Century Britain as per our Vision Statement:

"Together, through a cutting edge, creative and inclusive curriculum, we will inspire ambitious, inquisitive and resilient leaders of tomorrow. No limits. No barriers. No Excuses."

We use Topics as a driver for teaching the subjects of: Science, Geography, History, Art and Design, Computing and Design Technology.

There are also some opportunities to link topic with MfL, P.E., PSHCE, Music and R.E. however we recognise that certain skills need explicit teaching.

We believe in the importance of having a clearly structured curriculum which can then be brought to life through our class teachers linking learning to child-led experiences, an enquiry based approach and building upon our key learning behaviours:

  • Resilience
  • Thinking, Creativity and Motivation
  • Collaboration and Participation
  • Reflection
  • Inqusitive and Investigation 

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Year 1

Year 2