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Accessibility Plan Nov 2020/Nov 2023

Active Travel Policy Sept 2020/Sept 2023

Admission Arrangements for Carr Lodge Academy 2021/2022 Nursery 2021/2022

Admission Arrangements for Carr Lodge Academy 2021-2022 School Year 2021/2022

Admission Application Form DMBC 21/22/23

Admission Policy Sept 2021/Sept 2022

Allergens Policy Nov 2021/Nov 2022

Anti-Bullying Policy Sept 2021/Sept 2022

Application for Leave of Absence Sept 2021/July 2022

Attendance Policy Sept 2021/Sept 2022

British Values Policy June 2021/June 2023

Positive Relationships and Behaviour Policy June 2022/June 2023

Charging & Remission Policy  Sept 2021/Sept 2022

Complaints Policy Sept 2021/Sept 2022

Covid 19 Policy School closure arrangements for Safeguarding and Child Protection at Carr Lodge Academy

Dinner Money Policy Sept 2021/Sept 2022

Educational Visits Policy Sept 2021/Sept 2022

Equality Policy July 2020/July 2023

First Aid Policy Sept 2021/Sept 2022

GDPR Privacy Notice Sept 2021/Sept2022

Health and Safety Sept 2021/Sept 2022

Addendum covering Covid-19 for Health and Safety Policy

Home and Remote working  Policy Sept 2021/Sept 2022

Intimate Care Policy Sept 2021/Sept 2022

Kingfisher Childcare Charging Policy March 2022/2023

Managing Medicine Policy  Oct 2021/Oct 2022

MUSIC Tuition Agreement June 2021/June 2022

Online Safety Policy March 2022/March 2023

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Sept 2021/2022

Safeguarding Children at Carr Lodge Academy June 2022/2023

SEND Policy 1st sept 2020/1st Sept 2023

No Smoking or Vaping Policy Sept 2021/Sept 2023

Whistleblowing Policy Sept 2021/Sept 2022

Uncollected childpolicy and procedure April 2022/April 2023